US Stock Market: Big Picture, Updated

We began using these charts earlier this year to illustrate why, despite all the negative hoopla in the media in 2016, the market very simply remained bullish, technically.  Now that is being expressed for all to see and the dumb money is vigorously taking the play, with the story (all manic phases need a story, after all) of Trumponomics as its foundation (to a towering … Continue reading US Stock Market: Big Picture, Updated

US Indexes; Big Picture Monthly Views

It’s time again for the big picture perspective views on some key US indexes. Dow is still on the breadth thrust script (i.e. potential manic upside/ending action). S&P 500, same basic script (with some Forks added for humor). Nasdaq 100 poked above and is currently below the 1999 high.  The dotted line remains red because that is resistance until a monthly close above it. SOX … Continue reading US Indexes; Big Picture Monthly Views

US Indexes, Stripped of Noise

Sometimes my charts get noisy with all the moving averages, momentum indicators, volume, different time frames, inter-market ratios, etc.  For this post, some very quiet monthly charts.  Let’s start with the sector that just gave us a bull signal (for the economy, if not the stock market), the Semiconductors. SOX is above critical support, which long-time readers will recall we managed in real time (incl. … Continue reading US Indexes, Stripped of Noise

alice, nftrh

NFTRH; Russell 2000 Updated (medium priority)

As of now the SPX short-term signal opening the door for a correction is in play.  Another thing I have been watching is the daily RUT stance above 1180.  Here is the current status.  RUT ended last week strongly, above the September high.  It is back below that level and a drop below 1180 that holds would kill this irritating bullish divergence to the bear … Continue reading NFTRH; Russell 2000 Updated (medium priority)

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Bottom Re-test Status

Yesterday in pre-US market, we noted the big picture of the S&P 500, which is technically bearish on the intermediate-term and still up trending on the long-term.  We also reviewed the status of the short-term plan, which is for a re-test of the lows… “Today looks like a market bounce is brewing, but recall that we are expecting volatility as Q3 ends and the ‘scary’ … Continue reading Bottom Re-test Status

3 Amigos on Turnaround Tuesday

“Turnaround Tuesday”… isn’t that what they call it?  Well, it turned around for several things not called precious metals or China. I did a little buying today of strategic semiconductor and macro market items we have discussed in NFTRH.  This is under the cover of an ongoing short against SPY that remains green despite today’s bull turnaround and a tentatively held short against the small … Continue reading 3 Amigos on Turnaround Tuesday

US Stock Market; In-Day Snapshot of Key Indexes

Dow is up solidly today, but this is only bouncing it to the broken 50 day moving averages. SPX is up a smaller amount, which makes sense since it was not as far below its MA 50’s as the Dow.  As such, I suspect these two could be testing a breakdown.  A hold below the MA 50’s keeps these indexes as candidates for the summer … Continue reading US Stock Market; In-Day Snapshot of Key Indexes