Semi Bullish

Actually, I am fairly bearish and getting more so for reasons that will be reviewed again, in NFTRH this weekend. I am still not a bear however, as this week saw not only an increase in short positioning (short the 3x NDX bull fund TQQQ taken yesterday to go with a SPY short)  but also re-buys of favored Semi’s SIMO and LSCC, and also MLNX … Continue reading Semi Bullish

NFTRH+; LSCC (incl. parameters)

When we first started with the trade setup service, we highlighted two Semiconductor companies; one large (Intel, which has worked out well) and one small (LSCC, which did not work out).  Today we revisit LSCC by its current daily chart setup. First, to review Lattice Semiconductor is a specialty Semi company playing in the mobile and ‘wearables’ space, which is my personal preference.  The link … Continue reading NFTRH+; LSCC (incl. parameters)

NFTRH+; LSCC Big Picture View

Similarly (to the INTC idea), a smaller yet high quality Semiconductor company is LSCC.  It has a valuation that is ahead of most, due to its quality status and solid fundamentals (according to Funda sources) in earnings, growth and strategic markets.  But again, we are about charts and this one says LSCC has done what the previous update projected with Intel.  It has broken above … Continue reading NFTRH+; LSCC Big Picture View