Semi Bullish

Actually, I am fairly bearish and getting more so for reasons that will be reviewed again, in NFTRH this weekend.

I am still not a bear however, as this week saw not only an increase in short positioning (short the 3x NDX bull fund TQQQ taken yesterday to go with a SPY short)  but also re-buys of favored Semi’s SIMO and LSCC, and also MLNX (per watch list noted in NFTRH).  LSCC is around even and the other two for some reason, in the green.

It’s weird because the stock market, including what looks like the majority of the Semi sector, is pretty solidly red today.  There are few better market-related feelings than having your shorts and longs work at the same time.  There are also few rarer ones.


There are no commitments in this groaning, lurching, sideways going mess of a market.  Commitments will be for when we can get on to some real trends.  But at this snapshot in time I have a few select longs and growing short positioning.

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