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US Dollar Finally Bottoming?

So it would appear. Much like with the contrary (bullish) view on Treasury bonds (negative view on yields) last December to March, I've been nursing Uncle Buck along on a…

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NFTRH; Stock Market vs. Gold Sector

With stocks starting the week and a new month under pressure our analysis holding open resumed correction potential is so far looking good. But on the other side of the…

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The Day After Today [edit added]

[edit]  Enter the Draghi... sorry for my naivete.  I was out most of the day and for the life of me could not figure out how that jobs report launched…

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NFTRH 354, Online Edition

A commitment has come up this weekend that will only allow me the time to review key points in NFTRH 354.  What a great opportunity to put more detail than usual in an update [edit: this has turned out to be NFTRH 354, with a PDF update to be mailed on Sunday].


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Semi Equip b2b & Market Notes

The Semiconductor Equipment book-to-bill data are out and while June eased a bit it did nothing to cause any disturbance to Q2’s numbers.  This means that through the April-June quarter the reported data of the 3 month averages remained strong.  Bookings have however gone on a slight declining trend over the last 3 reports.


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