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“It is their job to entertain. It is your job to ignore…”

Agree 100%, Charlie. See: Buy in May and Stay Invested Now, I am not of that ilk personally. My closely held biases are that a) the market’s cycles can be interpreted and managed (although my bias also has led me astray at times, in my execution) and b) that the economy, and by extension the markets, are not normal; not your grandpa’s economy and markets … Continue reading “It is their job to entertain. It is your job to ignore…”

mainstream media

Is This the End of the Line for Robotics?

Well, certainly not.  As I’ve been beating you over the head with, Trump’s “protection will lead to great prosperity” is a canard and the forward march of automation and progress will continue unabated (picture the robots all in a line one day, disobeying what will by then be human thought guided directions, and driven half insane by the human element in their brain circuits, finally … Continue reading Is This the End of the Line for Robotics?

The Clown Show Has Come and Gone

The opening segment from this week’s edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole has a little fun with the post-FOMC market situation.  Unfortunately, there is all too much reality in this clowning around.  From NFTRH 387:

Our main theme has been that the ironclad post-2011 confidence in the Federal Reserve among conventional market participants would slowly but surely start to fade because macro parlor tricks, so vigorously employed by the Bernanke Fed, were only tricks or in some cases (Operation Twist) borderline magic, after all.


At (still unsure if or in what capacity the site may reappear) we used to have fun with clown car videos, as the various Fed members piled out honking horns, doing somersaults and shouting incomprehensible phrases and announcements.

Like Rosco’s clown car above, that is all fading away now. The pretense that the Fed is the steward of a sound financial system and currency has been stripped away. We are no longer anticipating a waning of confidence. In rolling over last week and playing dead, the Fed announced for all the world to see that it is no more secure or respectable than the clown known as ‘the Draghi’, Kuroda the Klown or the troupes in Canada, Australia, England and China’s Central Planning.

The US Fed, through no good work of its own was the beneficiary of a Goldilocks environment in which global economic pressures resulted in capital flight into the US.

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