Second bright spot in a week: CMC Materials

As my portfolios get pressured by the market’s fear of a Fed trying to stuff the inflation it created back in the bottle, I’ve had a second positive surprise in the last week. First was the Kinross buyout of Great Bear Resources (noted at end of the article) and today we have CMC Materials stock (CCMP) getting taken out by Electronic Materials play Entegris (ENTG). … Continue reading Second bright spot in a week: CMC Materials

Staring at the horrific (?) chart of CCMP [w/ edit]

CCMP’s daily chart sux [edit] after all that, I sold it. Not so much for CCMP reasons but for portfolio management reasons. Look at the disgusting short-term pattern, just begging to drop to 135. I am holding CCMP currently at a 3.3% paper loss. Why? Not sure, really. I think it is because my lizard brain thinks it smells a rat, a shakeout before a … Continue reading Staring at the horrific (?) chart of CCMP [w/ edit]


Checking in on the Semiconductor Complex

A few weekly charts (the index, the primary chip maker, an equipment company and a materials company) to gauge the progress of this sector that was so hard to get bullish on a few months ago and now, maybe too easy to be bullish on for momos, speed freaks and various other casino patrons. The Semiconductor Index (SOX) measures to 870 on its weekly pattern.  … Continue reading Checking in on the Semiconductor Complex

Semi Equipment Company, AMAT: Record Earnings

While some might want us to focus solely on the big layoff at Cisco, why don’t we stay with what is actually happening.  What is actually happening is that there are pockets of weakness and pockets of strength, throughout the economy.  Cisco for example, cites the Brexit disturbance for some of its issues.  It is more of a lagging, consumer-direct oriented company after all. Applied … Continue reading Semi Equipment Company, AMAT: Record Earnings

Profit & Rotation Time Again; CCMP Out, CBT In

Knowing full well that the market is making me look smart (as opposed to me actually being smart) I made a handy switch.  CCMP, the Semiconductor manufacturing materials company, is now sold for a ridiculous 2 day profit and CBT, which I was just bemoaning missing out on yesterday, replaces it on its nice pullback. It’s pretty much what I mean when I say that … Continue reading Profit & Rotation Time Again; CCMP Out, CBT In

CCMP’s Daddy, Cabot Corp.

Many years ago Cabot Microelectronics, itself surging on earnings today per the previous post, was spun off by Cabot Corp., an industrial materials and chemical company (and long time maker of the ‘Carbon Black’ found in your Goodyear tires).  I was going to buy CBT as well, but was so stretched out time-wise that I failed to realize its earnings were yesterday.  Now the opportunity … Continue reading CCMP’s Daddy, Cabot Corp.

Taking More Semi Profit (LRCX)

Thing 1 is Lam Research, a Semiconductor Equipment company.  I have held it for weeks but given the market’s short-term risk profile, am taking well earned profit as I did with its fellow, AMAT.  LRCX’s quarter is out and we have our answers.  It was indeed correct for us (NFTRH) to be bullish on the Equipment sector for Q2’s results reporting. Thing 2 is Cabot … Continue reading Taking More Semi Profit (LRCX)