BBRY: Pure, Dumb Luck and a Rambling Post

So while this phase is ongoing and I am able to maintain a Zen-like centered balance, I might as well keep riding it, because it’s going to end. I remember one day a couple years ago when I held two Biotech stocks in the portfolio. I’d decided to sell one and hold the other. I sold the larger, more well established company (GILD) and held … Continue reading BBRY: Pure, Dumb Luck and a Rambling Post

Research in Motion

Assuming a reasonably stable market, I have committed to an extended hold in BBRY (after taking profit on a partial position) despite its daily overbought condition and short-term toppy appearance. That is because I have missed some big moves in the past (by using the same risk management that has saved me much capital in other situations) on stocks that had fundamentals behind them through … Continue reading Research in Motion

Two Winners; SIMO & BBRY

[edit] aware of my self-congratulatory tone I’ve taken the profit on 40% of the SIMO position, actually bringing it in line with the BBRY position, on which I previously took partial profit. Much like with the tentative GDX short position, my shorts against commodities, financials and small caps are against long positions; two of which are doing really well and I have held (and traded … Continue reading Two Winners; SIMO & BBRY

nftrh plus

Alert: Blackberry (BBRY) Approaches NFTRH+ Target

On November 11 we spotlighted BBRY as a trade idea with a target of 9 bucks.  Here is the original update.  Disclosure: I took a profit on the rise in early November, re-entered per the + update, took another profit and did not re-enter for this latest surge toward target. Here are the updated daily and weekly charts from that update, showing the target ready … Continue reading Alert: Blackberry (BBRY) Approaches NFTRH+ Target

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Blackberry (BBRY) Trade Setup Using Daily & Weekly Charts

I had been holding BBRY as part of the John Chen fan club and little more.  His goal is a turnaround of the hand held device dinosaur into a security software focused company, hopefully with some better device traction as well. When the stock burst upward one day in October I held on.  When it dropped hard the very next day I held on.  Then … Continue reading NFTRH+; Blackberry (BBRY) Trade Setup Using Daily & Weekly Charts