Research in Motion

Assuming a reasonably stable market, I have committed to an extended hold in BBRY (after taking profit on a partial position) despite its daily overbought condition and short-term toppy appearance.


That is because I have missed some big moves in the past (by using the same risk management that has saved me much capital in other situations) on stocks that had fundamentals behind them through the short-term ups and downs. Every once in a while I’d like to try to be a holder through thick and thin. Easier said than done, but so far so good with BBRY. Indeed, I’d see a pullback to the low/mid 9s as an opportunity to add.

Especially in the present time, with markets filled with sharks and other predators like HFT, quants, black box robots and the ever more information-connected Wall Street/Financial Media complex I find that my goal is to make like Old Turkey (yeah, the one in the book) and sit tight after hopefully being right in certain situations, whether individual like this or macro in catching new market trends.

I mean, just look at the big picture monthly chart of BBRY; just how huge a move has this actually been thus far?


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