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More Robots, Fewer Jobs

Bloomberg has an article out this morning showing the economic zones where the Robotics industry is taking jobs away from humans. More Robots, Fewer Jobs This is a fact of modern economic life and it is one reason why Donald Trump’s promises to America’s rust belt workers will go largely unfulfilled. Ref. Protection Will Lead to Great Prosperity. Robots and automation will shift the economy … Continue reading More Robots, Fewer Jobs

“Protection will lead to great prosperity”

A slightly modified version of the opening segment of this week’s Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 431… After being mostly off the grid on Friday, I listened to the Trump inauguration speech on Saturday morning. While I have lots of thoughts and opinions, I want to focus on an item where I am qualified; namely my former area of expertise as someone who was … Continue reading “Protection will lead to great prosperity”

i Robot

A reader emailed me this article from Mike Shedlock.  Whenever I read articles on manufacturing written by financial types I prepare for the worst (cue the legions of suits and polished fancy shoes that never saw a factory floor, pumping 3D Printers a couple years ago), but Mish plays it pretty straight and simply outlines the fierce competition among large shoe manufacturers to go Robo. … Continue reading i Robot