NFTRH+; this indicator is making a move (plus admin note)

Admin Note

I am glad a subscriber asked about a print function for posts (including online NFTRH reports and updates) because it got me kicking the tires of the website and while the function was always there, it was hidden within the ‘More’ button. This is a screenshot of the updated options at the top left of all posts, updates and online reports (may appear at the bottom of posts on some devices). To format any of these items for proper printing and/or conversion to PDF files to save to your computer, simply hit the PRINT button.

Note: I have since changed the style of the buttons at left. But same functions.

As to the update, the Gold/Silver ratio (daily chart) is firm again today after we noted its constructive status in a Jan. 17 update.

Gold/Silver ratio

The US dollar index (DXY, weekly chart) is still lingering at the 50% Fib level as also noted in that update. It has technically lost the support of the 2017 and 2020 highs, but it is still at a support area as those old candles reversed and the buck sits on the reversal highs. The 50% Fib is part of that support.

US dollar index (DXY)

Bottom Line

It is to my eye a short-term caution signal on the precious metals and also on the anti-USD stuff like EM/Asia, commodities, etc.

It may or may not signal caution in the beaten down Tech/Growth sectors of US markets. It would depend on how the machines are programmed to interpret a drop in inflation signals. A rising GSR and USD would, after all, be signs of declining inflation fears. In other words, some sectors – like Materials, Financials, Energy, etc., which are inflation sensitive, maybe under-perform and if a Goldilocks tale gets spun, it’s possible a short-term rotation into Tech/Growth could happen.

One thing for sure though; cash and equivalents are paying out and I for one value that over everything at the moment.