Why I left NatGas alone

Natural Gas futures down nearly 18% in one day

The heading above tells why. I am just not wired for this kind of volatility.

This could well be a buy opportunity at a higher low, however. That is the kind of thing I could buy in a wild commodity like Gas. A buy as close as possible to 6.50 and a tight stop below that area could work. Maybe?

I had previously and successfully traded UNG a couple times but then stepped aside in favor of a couple Energy stocks (not currently held w/ profits taken) and the USO oil fund (profit taken).

We have also been noting an ongoing negative RSI divergence in NFTRH. That ain’t nuthin’ and it’s manifesting now.

At some point I have to figure out how I am going to use my cash hoard and that point may be this (pivotal) week with the goons meeting to discuss how to best reel in the inflation they created and set about the land. But right now I am sitting on my hands, looking at charts like this and thinking ‘hmmm…’

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  1. Dagny Gromer

    Natty is called the widow maker for a reason :-)

    1. Gary

      I guess so. :-(

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