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I’ve been busy creating and enhancing a page for subscribers to reference during the week showing many of the indicators we use in NFTRH, along with a brief description of the utility of each. The page automatically updates the charts. It should help people check up as often as they’d like and interpret, without waiting for me to update a given situation.

Also, I’ve realized that showing my real life ‘savings’ (taxable brokerage) account in NFTRH does not provide much value because as a ‘savings’ account, receiving and more often disbursing cash to life’s many commitments (e.g. education and related living expenses) and obligations (cough cough, tax man, cough cough) it is extremely well risk managed. Like, a lot.

Similarly, I have decided that my smaller trading account is nearly useless because while that is the account  I can outright short in, well, as Old Turkey said “it’s a bull market, you know” (at least for now). Long story short, I barely do any pure day trading and when I do I am very spotty at it. So trading account, you’re out! New model portfolio, you’re in baby.

And I am enjoying it already because it allows me to be me, select strategic positions (10 added since beginning the process yesterday) in key ETFs and premier, stable stocks in the right sectors (per any given macro backdrop) only. While even participating in the stock/asset markets is speculation, no rank speculations will appear in this account.

Also, it’s not the usual newsletter model portfolio *, as its got (my) skin in the game, just like the ‘savings’ account and my Roth IRA, which will each continue to appear as well. But it allows me to be the mad macro professor I like to be; to really geek out, deploy capital in a way that is logical with the macro phase at any given time, provide rationale for that and not get hung up with the real world risk/cash management I do in the other accounts. Sells, buys and holds will be discussed routinely.  But the idea is to have more patience to take the market’s ups and downs than I typically do in my IRA.

There will be little discussion of cash in this account. Long, short and a mix of each with subscribers managing risk as they – not I – see fit. I am pretty psyched about it actually. The 10 (and counting) positions all make sense to me at the moment as will be described in NFTRH 689 and the portfolio’s status (long, short or both) will be updated along with the current rationale for each item in all reports after that.

The model portfolio is up 2.63% after two days but since I have not finished deploying cash within it, that cash is muting the performance. Here is the fledgling portfolio with its symbols/names omitted.

Not being overly adept with Excel (or in my Mac’s case, Numbers), I’ll probably need to do some messing around with it in order to have it display how and what I want it to. But it will include the equity symbol and name, cost basis, total gain/loss percent, investment rationale (the whole point, after all) and probably the date initiated.

I am going to try to shorten the length of the overall reports a bit and these two new initiatives will hopefully help me do that. I am trying to do more with less, in other words. I have literally scared some people away from the service who want more easy reference and less work to do! Ha ha ha, but that’s not really very funny. This is a business and it must always seek to improve.

* Newsletter: “Let me tell you about the ideal portfolio for you while I don’t back it with my own money; but take my word for it!”

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