Attn: Subscribers, new NFTRH feature

Along with a standard, customizable chart you can use for any market I have begun populating the ‘live charts’ page with with various key indicator charts already loaded. For example, Gold/Silver, Gold/Copper, Junk/Investment Grade, etc. for your reference at any time. You can find it on the menu above as Ratio Charts/Indicators.

The charts can be adjusted to daily, weekly or monthly time frames, and you can also get different time frames by simply scrolling the chart itself. As an example, this screenshot shows the Gold/Silver ratio on a tighter time frame and the Gold/Copper ratio scrolled out to a longer one.

I produced this page after an email from a subscriber requesting a handy reference for the tools we use to manage the markets. I’ll add more content and make some adjustments to the page going forward, but I wanted to get something up there for your review. The page will use the same weekly password that opens all other subscriber content.

Suggestions welcome. If they work for me and I can incorporate them we’ll implement them.