Profit taken on Palladium bounce [w/ edit]

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[edit] Arrgh, and of course it’s up another 5% this morning.

Palladium futures bounce 11% today

I added a sizable chunk of PALL a couple days ago, ready to hold for a while, endured one day of FOMC day volatility (got to love the machines) and today unloaded on the big bounce.

palladium futures

Said bounce came from the support level we began noting in NFTRH last summer. That is where a true blue Pd bull would have bought.

We had an NFTRH+ subscriber update (post now public) on Tuesday reminding those interested. I am not a true blue Pd bull. I am a guy taking my bounce profit and evaluating further. Plenty of other profit opportunities out there, including Palladium should the macro swing that way.

Here is the weekly chart’s rationale for the 1600 +/- support area. A higher low to the 2020 crash low and the two 2019 upside touch points.

palladium futures

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