Garth, Wayne and… Moe?

Fo-Moe? Faux-Moe? Whatever it is, FOMO-driven MOMO is in play Manic forces likely driven by the fear of missing out seem to be overtaking markets. This environment of inflation-fueled speculation was created by the 2020 Federal Reserve in panic mode, while today the 2021 Federal Reserve is trying to manage us in the other direction according to the James Bullard indicator, at least. How difficult … Continue reading Garth, Wayne and… Moe?

Ags on the move

The Agricultural ETF is breaking out I had been using individual Teucrium funds and related companies like NTR and MOS as vehicles for the Ag sector since last year, when the reflation trades began. But recently I’ve pared down to the ‘keep it simple stupid’ method, owning only the ETF (DBA) that very loosely tracks the Ag index (GKX), on which I’ve remained bullish despite … Continue reading Ags on the move