NFTRH 679’s page 1 screenshot noted there might be a buy the (tapering) news situation, and here it is. Among some strange bedfellows at least, with Tech, broad SPY and Semis along with gold stocks liking it and commodities and USD not so much. At least according to this in-day episode of Machines Gone Wild. Tune in tomorrow for another episode and we’ll see where … Continue reading FOMO


Speed readers at the ready; November FOMC Statement

Translation: We inflated out of panic beginning in Q1 2020 and we are still inflating, but at a tiny increment less. Furthermore, the committee stands ready to continue the inflationary operation at any such time that our indicators may start to fade, given the recent pullback in inflation expectations and our unfilled goal of burdening you with inflation of 2% or more. What’s more, we … Continue reading Speed readers at the ready; November FOMC Statement

NFTRH+; Gold stocks, pre-FOMC

Using fresh, un-marked charts for simplicity… It’s right on cue, pre-FOMC. HUI is testing the 50 day average as expected. I make no remarks about bullish or bearish or the would-be bullish Inverted H&S that may be forming, but I do note that Huey is doing what we’d asked of it. It is better for the gold stocks to be bowing before the great and … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gold stocks, pre-FOMC