The Inflation/Deflation debate wears on…

Our 30 year Treasury yield ‘Continuum’ chart indicates that deflation is the dominant trend, but… Steve Saville has written a post that got me thinking about carts and horses and more precisely, which comes before which. Is the inflationary horse pulling the deflationary cart up hill or is the deflationary cart leading the horse to drink from the shrinking liquidity pool periodically? See The Crisis-Monetisation … Continue reading The Inflation/Deflation debate wears on…

Hard test for Bitcoin

BTC/USD is making a fairly dramatic test of the 50 and 200 day moving averages Thus far the test sees the Bitcoin price intact, technically. Just avert eyes from daily RSI and MACD (and instead train them on a weekly chart for a somewhat more pleasant view). For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an … Continue reading Hard test for Bitcoin

GDX 15 min & daily technical status

GDX dumped the 15 min. support area around 32.25 but is making a hint to whipsaw back above it. Classic shakeout? In doing this it is making a would-be hammer candle that is testing the top of the long-term support area that the bounce began at. Here is a longer view showing that support. The bounce is intact as of now. Twitter displayed some serious … Continue reading GDX 15 min & daily technical status

Nickel remains in fine technical shape

‘Battery Metal’ Nickel is bullish Among other metals like cyclical, inflation-sensitive copper, counter-cyclical much less inflation-sensitive gold and tweener silver that have either been correcting during the summer inflation cool down began (Cu) or since the dominant inflationary phase began (Au and in a sideways consolidation, Ag) Nickel recently ticked a new high, tested its SMA 50 and looks for another new high. It’s an … Continue reading Nickel remains in fine technical shape