Copper: Pattern nerds vs. trend followers

Copper is in a bearish daily chart pattern but maintains its major uptrend Copper’s major daily chart trend, the SMA 200 is pointing upward with the copper price still above it. It’s bullish until a loss of trend proves otherwise. However, pattern nerds to attention… there’s a potential H&S topping pattern that made a move away from potential to actual today with the stab below … Continue reading Copper: Pattern nerds vs. trend followers

2 Horsemen

Gold/Silver ratio and USD, updated Come on you two, let’s get this done. Let’s destroy every dogmatic, autopilot flying inflation tout on the planet. At least temporarily before they and their herds magically regenerate with new slogans, bromides and buzz phrases from Austrian Economics 101, when the Fed finally complies with the market at some future date.* Rider #1 has long since taken out the … Continue reading 2 Horsemen

NFTRH+; for you short-term gold stock managers

The daily chart of HUI highlights times when the index has dropped either to a new correction low or lost short-term support in dramatic fashion immediately prior to a bounce or rally. Today HUI is ticking a new low amid much anguish in the gold “community”. No guarantee it will bounce, but it would not be atypical for it to bounce as TAs announce the … Continue reading NFTRH+; for you short-term gold stock managers

Summer cool down, Copper edition

As inflation hysteria continues to cool, the Copper price continues to weaken It looks like the SMA 200 or bust. If copper holds the SMA 200 it won’t be a bust. If not well, it’s on the macro table. I am still leaning toward this being just an interim ‘fuck you’ to the inflationist herds, inflationist gold bug herds included. But we shall see. For … Continue reading Summer cool down, Copper edition