Thoughts about NFTRH from a subscriber in the land down under

I’ve been having an issue with Telstra ‘bigpond’ email servers blocking emails to a few subscribers in Australia.  Anyway, Paul responded after I attended to the issue and with his permission, reproduce the email as a not so shameless promo of the NFTRH service, which I fully believe is far and away the best of its kind (if I did not believe that, why do it?).

I sought permission to reproduce the email because it hit on several points that are important to me. [I’ve added some comments in blue].

Thanks Gary & Greetings from Melbourne in Down-under-Land (where we are ‘enjoying’ yet another Covid inspired lockdown . . .  . our 5th one in the last 18 months . . .  .Grrrrr!!!)

Wow!! . . .that was speedy service.

[Customer service is everything, as I learned through years of running a normal business with employees and corporate customers]

Much appreciated.

Not sure why I did not get my usual weekly NFTRH email & password.

Hopefully it won’t happen again.

Let’s see next week.

Now since I have you here, I’ll mention that I have been an NFTRH subscriber for a number of years now (the exact number I cant even remember) and I have found your service to be an essential component to my decision making process w.r.t. the speculative markets.

[I find it essential myself to do that work consistently]

I really appreciate your honest no-nonsense, no-guru, no-bullshit style of writing & your analysis provides me with plenty of food for thought . . . . hell I even appreciate the old ‘Clark Gable/Ascots/Pour a libation’ funny that is cornier than 10 packets of Doritos but still hugely amusing. (well to me anyway)

[I think it’s hilarious, corny, maybe annoying to the more serious-minded among us but a funny way to poke fun at the pomp of analysts who pretend to be something special, cut from rare cloth. FWIW, we use happy, even celebratory fluffed ascot Clark and a more muted, even forlorn, reflective Clark depending on what the venerable index for distinguished and mature gentlemen (Dow) and the Dow Theory that is its product are doing.]

I also like the way NFTRH thinks in terms of scenarios & probabilities (rather than 100% certainties) because to my mind that’s exactly how the markets operate. Anything can happen. They are never cut & dry & you can never be totally sure which way things may pan out. NFTRH helps to keep me in check by getting me to consider what-if this, what-if that & it helps me to adjust my decisions (and my stops!!) accordingly. Sometimes, believe it or not, I even make a profit !!!

[NFTRH is and always has been a Guru-free zone. It is human psychology to have ideals that you stick to, dedicate to. Gurus either knowingly or unwittingly promote ideals and orthodoxy of whatever kind. They sign you up for Team BEAR, Team BULL, Team GOLD BUG, Team INFLATION or whatever. But as Paul notes, markets simply do not work that way. You have to be able to work against your human psych setup.]

Lastly I will say that I thoroughly enjoy your more ‘condensed’ versions of NFTRH. (condensed as in page numbers, certainly not in analysis & information).

[Me too]

I’m glad you are doing these more often.

[Me too. They allow me the opportunity to dig deeper into important areas, like NFTRH 666(6)’s dive into the bullish Semiconductor sector, for example.]

I find that I get far more value from these reports as they are more ‘meaty’, more informative & more educational than [the] longer ones stacked with page upon page of stock charts, but that’s me. I’m sure others would like the longer charts based reports . . .  .each to their own I s’pose.

[I get more value out of it as well. The more routine stuff needs to be done in order to keep a steady and ongoing narrative of the financial markets updated, but roughly every other week I want to get more pointed, more focused and speak as myself on a topic more, and mechanically update the wider spectrum of markets, indicators, internals, sentiment, etc. less. I like the combination of the two formats. FWIW, the regular reports have been condensed recently as well.]

Please keep putting out the ‘meaty’ ones.

[Okay ;-)]

That’s about if for now.

All the best from Oz



Cheers to you too, Paul, and thank you again for the opportunity to promote NFTRH for what it actually is, less any marketing bullshit or guru fantasies.

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