Speculation is Intact by Junk Bond Indicators

Nominal Junk Bonds (HYG) show risk (and speculation) ‘on’… With a thus far small easing of the speculative froth lately, Junk Bond indicators continue to not yet show cracks in the speculative market’s veneer. Nominal Junk is moving sideways above the SMA 50 and Junk/Treasury and Junk/IG are as yet merely pulling back from over enthusiastic readings. Doesn’t mean a correction cannot start but it … Continue reading Speculation is Intact by Junk Bond Indicators

vs. SPY

Weekly views of several sectors vs. the broad SPY… These weekly charts show the main trends of various individual sectors vs. the S&P 500, which is comprised of the whole lot of them. On these charts, the trends are what is important, not TA concepts like patterns, support, resistance, etc. The trends, and secondarily the potentials that they may change (you will notice a few … Continue reading vs. SPY