Aerospace & Defense Sector Works on Changing Trend

Aerospace & Defense sector is doing well lately

I originally entered this space per this NFTRH+ update (now public) as a potential trend changer. It’s another ‘so far, so good’ situation. The pattern has continued on, but it needs to clear the November high and leave it behind in order to make a clear trend change.


NOC was added for this bowl pattern, needing to clear the SMA 200, which it has done. Still some work to do for a trend change.


Finally, LMT was added for the shaded pattern, much like LHX. It too is on the potential trend change theme.


It’s a big market out there, and a big world for that matter. In the current rotating market environment it pays to have some diversity and not be one-way, especially if you’re a gold bug.

By the way, I found the above by looking at the iShares ETF ITA’s holdings and checking out individual charts that looked prospective. ITA has pretty much already changed trend, but these 3 were lagging.

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