Mind Med (MMEDF): Trip Over

From an earlier NFTRH+ subscriber update featuring a bunch of bullet points on today’s market…

Pot stocks, the US based ones anyway, have been ramming ever higher. I think that is with good fundamental backing. But now I buy a ‘shroom’ stock less than 3 weeks ago and today it is +218%??? Please. This is speculation and vigorous speculation is a feature of end stage stock bull phases.

Per the Trade Log a little while ago:

MMEDF keeps outgrowing its desired position size so this time I am taking the massive percentage profit and moving on. For crying out loud, I wanted to hold it like some kind of true believer. Trip over. :-(

It went up like a rocket shortly after purchase, kept going up, I trimmed it down to size once and then it grew back new wings. I felt like I was hallucinating. Then I remembered that I am not that smart and took another (and final) profit bird in hand. I really do think that this therapy has a future though.


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