GWPH: Keep Swinging, Sometimes You Hit One Out

Recently, I bought GWPH after it had been given a haircut of about 25% from where I last sold it. I had to take a small loss because it broke down last week, as you can see. But yesterday I noticed there was a sneaky little April gap that got filled and as noted in the Trade Log… For absolutely no chart-based reason other than … Continue reading GWPH: Keep Swinging, Sometimes You Hit One Out

NFTRH+; Gaps Filling, Parameters Noted

A few pictures of upside gaps filling on various indexes, as we speculated might happen on the short-term. HUI is going for the gap just above 330. The keys to exiting the correction are the SMA 50 and October high. GLD filled last week’s gap down and has another gap just above. The key here is the SMA 50 and then the October high that … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gaps Filling, Parameters Noted

Media’s Bear/Bull Mental Whipsaw

So who to believe, the “legendary” Jim Rogers, as interviewed by perma-bear/survivalist/gold booster Chris Martenson’s enterprise (click graphic, get story)? Or Mark Hulbert, he of the contrary mindset (click graphic, get story)? Correct Beuller, neither. The answer is neither. Don’t believe them. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe anyone other than yourself, after you’ve done a suitable amount of work to define probabilities for yourself. But … Continue reading Media’s Bear/Bull Mental Whipsaw