Bitcoin is Dead?

Now that this clown has been debunked as a scam promoter…

…and this subsequent negative promotion has also run its course…

…we can get down to evaluating a settled down Crypto market. Actually, at the request of a subscriber NFTRH has been charting BTC/USD every single week and on occasion GBTC, for many months now.

BTC/USD is doing this today in service to an eventual upside target that is significantly higher as plotted for subscribers in NFTRH months ago.


As for me, a self described Luddite when it comes to concepts like Cryptocurrency, I don’t want to make the effort to learn much more (truth be told, I’m fairly maxed as a macro nerd with all the associated indicators and markets). Hence, I use the all too easy Bitcoin tracker GBTC. It’s not a great vehicle for tracking accuracy, but it’s not bad.

On October 7th we had an NFTRH+ update on GBTC using daily and weekly charts to catch the bottom of its last leg down within a post-March uptrend (post now public).

NFTRH+; Here’s Why I Bought This One

Here’s the chart today. It’s +30% and I’ll need to evaluate whether to trim some. The eventual target is well higher, but if the wheels fall off the Stimulus train the media’s got barreling down the tracks we could have some interruptions in the anti-USD trades. But for traders, this has already been a good trade.


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