Man Stared at Junior Miner/Royalty Chart Patterns

Man stared at several junior precious metals stock patterns back on July 31st. Man got excited. Excited enough to make an NFTRH+ update out of it for those speculators who’d care to look deeper at these companies. Currently man holds 4 of the 5 companies noted, including MMX.

It looks like the target noted in the update is finally activated as an objective now that the neckline has been taken out. Of the 4 others, SBB.TO is the other one that is on its way as well. MAG had already gotten out of the barn at the time of the update and I am still waiting on OSK.TO (lurking below resistance after a head fake breakout) and AXU (in consolidation but still in breakout mode).


The weekly chart says that the tick upward on January 2nd is the last resistance man standing in the way of blue sky.


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