A Look at the Global Semiconductor Sector

The global Semiconductor segment has blown away all other segments in 2020, the year of… well, you know.


Sure, all those game boys are sitting on the couch blowing each other up. All those remote workers are communicating and collaborating. The Cloud is forecast to continue blotting out the sun. People are still entranced by their smart phones as fashion accessories. The Internet of Things is whirring along. Unlike in the age of the personal computer (Über alles) the Semi segment now has its tentacles into various industries and applications. This graph says it all.


So does this one.

The full article is here at SEMI. You might want to check it out. I have found it helpful over the years to stay up on what’s going on in the Semi sector because it’s cyclical (less violently so now that its end markets are more diverse), highly relevant to modern life and reflective of the, I hate to say it, new economy. Like it or not.


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