The Big Picture Continuum

The Continuum (monthly 30yr yield with the 100 month EMA ‘limiter’) simply states that the economy was weakening, as were inflation expectations, before 2020. In early 2020 we got a real deflationary jolt from which asset markets are still clawing back, with full frontal inflationary support from a Federal Reserve desperate to keep asset owners whole (and further enriched) and to further punish savers and … Continue reading The Big Picture Continuum

NFTRH+; Pre-Market Signaling

It appears that the downward market reversal on Monday was another sentiment resetting micro twitch after all. As noted, these happened fairly regularly in 2019. Inflammatory stuff gets in the news, hits the market and the negative efficacy lasts a day or so. If this follows through it appears SPX and the Dow are still on the upside gap fill express. Those would be the … Continue reading NFTRH+; Pre-Market Signaling