A Commodity Contrary Indicator?

Highlighted to close out NFTRH 607‘s Commodities segment:

Finally, some food for thought (and a contrary indication) on the Commodity sector, compliments of a subscriber. The food is served up hot by one of the big newsletter empires, which is throwing in the towel after having been bullish over the last few years.

“You see” (ref. our conversation last week, that’s newsletter speak, probably written by copy writers/editors specializing in newsletter speak), commodities haven’t entered a major boom. My guess is that this service may have gone bullish after the Trump election and the reflation to come (that really wasn’t). Today, with the Trump admin fiscally reflating and the Fed perma-spraying monetary inflation as we are finally open to a reflationary macro later in 2020 or in 2021, they move on? It’s interesting at least and a great contrary indicator at best.