NFTRH+; A Diamond in the Rough

Let’s start off by noting that many people do not think support, resistance and other common TA reference points are applicable to market ratios like the TSX-V/TSX ratio below. I happen to believe they are relevant, although subject to more noisy inputs than a nominal stock or index. That said, the TSX-V/TSX ratio is in a Diamond consolidation pattern above support on the daily chart. … Continue reading NFTRH+; A Diamond in the Rough

NFTRH+; Upcoming Buying Opportunity in This Gold Miner

Being a portfolio twittler, I of course started re-buying NGD too soon. But I am doing it with a trader’s eye for lower buy levels. A miserly trader will look to the 1.00 area (+/-). Today NGD hit the 38% Fib retrace and support #1, where I added. In the trade log it was noted that the next support level is in the .90 to … Continue reading NFTRH+; Upcoming Buying Opportunity in This Gold Miner

A Commodity Contrary Indicator?

Highlighted to close out NFTRH 607‘s Commodities segment: Finally, some food for thought (and a contrary indication) on the Commodity sector, compliments of a subscriber. The food is served up hot by one of the big newsletter empires, which is throwing in the towel after having been bullish over the last few years. “You see” (ref. our conversation last week, that’s newsletter speak, probably written … Continue reading A Commodity Contrary Indicator?