Uncle Buck is Not Impressed

With Jerome Powell doing this… And with Trump pondering another cool $Trillion (on infrastructure spending) on top of the off the charts monetary and fiscal stimulus that can only happen in a Wonderland of infinite possibilities, still the US dollar does not die. And you can bet they want it to at least play dead through the election. The usual “dollar collapse” experts have also … Continue reading Uncle Buck is Not Impressed

3 Amigos: Gold, Silver & Copper

Gold: counter-cyclical, risk ‘off’ qualities, defensive w/ some inflation sensitivity. Silver: cross dresses between counter-cyclical and cyclical, more offensive within the PMs, inflation sensitive. Copper: cyclical and sensitive to cyclical inflation/reflation (i.e. an inflation-fueled economy). Gold price futures are still holding the 50 day moving average and still negatively diverging on RSI, which may mean something negative or that it’s simply refueling before renewed upside). … Continue reading 3 Amigos: Gold, Silver & Copper

NFTRH+; Fed & Trump Admin: Keep Dancing!

Insofar as we participate in financial markets the Fed’s message is simple: Keep dancing! The moment the relief rally took its first hard pullback last week they got on it; the Fed with its supposedly limitless monetary monetary policy and the Trump Admin with more fiscal spending plans. Pathetic what we’ve come to. But keep dancing! And dance we shall per this morning’s futures, anyway. … Continue reading NFTRH+; Fed & Trump Admin: Keep Dancing!