Silver/Gold Ratio

The ratio between the silver price and the gold price is one of the two most important indicators (at least in my work) to the fate of the reflation rally that fiscal and monetary policy makers are trying to instigate. The other one was covered in an NFTRH update last week as it made its signal, and again in NFTRH 603 as it closed the week on point. It’s also notable. Hint 1: It’s not trading today. Hint 2: It’s in the url to this post. :-)

The reflation, backed as it is by massive amounts of future potential inflation problems, is only going to go as far as these indicators take it on the near-term.

Check out the Silver/Gold ratio, live as of a few minutes ago, seeming to want to hone in on a certain relevant area. That would be the area where the cliff dive into the deep cove (or COVID) took place. You can debate about the merits of support or resistance on an indicator, but the resistance line here marries up with the SMA 200 and that my friends seems notable.

silver gold ratio

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