The Work That Silver Needs to Do

The daily futures chart makes it clear. Silver had a pre-market whipsaw up and back down this morning and it remains on consolidation at short-term support, locked below the down-sloped 50 day average. It retains the potential to break upward from this consolidation, where it would find the noted resistance, which is significant, and just above that the SMA 200 at around 17. Here’s the … Continue reading The Work That Silver Needs to Do

Gold/Silver Ratio: Slowly I Turn

Slowly the Gold/Silver ratio continues to turn; and step by step, inch by inch… The GSR even has a symmetry thing going on here as the little pullback has formed a right side shoulder to a baby Inverted H&S type pattern. Curiously, the GSR’s other rider of liquidity destruction, USD, is wobbling, but sloppy chart or not it’s doing so within a daily uptrend. So … Continue reading Gold/Silver Ratio: Slowly I Turn