Inflationary flicker

The Silver/Gold ratio (SGR) indicated an inflation bounce when silver tanked key long-term support at 14, reversed to close March back above it (potentially screwing deflationists not mention silver bears) and has propelled the SGR into a bounce, giving other inflation signals license to do the same. Here is the TIP/TLT ratio bouncing above the EMA 20. Trend is obviously down. Here is a more … Continue reading Inflationary flicker

NFTRH eats its own cooking with Energy [w/ edits]

With reference to the vigorous bounce in the Energy sector (plus 7% today after yesterday’s rise)… NFTRH had this to say in an impromptu Energy segment over the weekend in NFTRH 597. Eating my own cooking, I have positions in XLE, CVX and XOM. [edit] Profit taken on XOM, w/ XLE & CVX still held. [edit 2] and CVX makes two, given stock market’s increasing … Continue reading NFTRH eats its own cooking with Energy [w/ edits]