A helping hand…

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It is difficult in the midst of panic and loss to think about others, but I know a lot of people are doing just that. I am too. There are so many people suffering or going to suffer hardship from this exogenous event that is turning into a massively economic event. The people who clean our houses, the people who wait on us at bars and restaurants, the people who we’ve come to depend on to service our varied needs in every day life that maybe we have not cast a second thought about.

Most of us are or are going to experience hardship either temporarily or longer-term. Let’s try to help each other out, okay? In whatever way that means to you. As you are greatly inconvenienced or even suffering someone else has it even worse in their health risk situation and/or economic situation as we get hit by not only a pandemic bug ripping through societies but a deflation scare of a Category 1 magnitude. This is the time to summon our humanity and understanding toward others.