Only 1 Horseman Currently Riding

The Gold/Silver ratio has been spiking upward while the US dollar (UUP shown in the bottom panel) has been pulling back. In that respect this week’s proceedings are different than Q4 2008, when the 2 riders brought deflationary destruction to this land and to distant shores. Johnny Yen is trying to play Uncle Buck’s role right now but it has not proven anything definitive in … Continue reading Only 1 Horseman Currently Riding

Yield Curve Steepening Blip

This week’s events have even started to budge this holdout into action with a little blip toward re-steepening. I’ve been wondering if the 10yr/2yr yield curve (source) would start to get in gear before or after another dip to inversion. It’s not conclusive, but there appears to be the beginning of some steepening pressure in play as the markets continue under pressure. A steepening yield … Continue reading Yield Curve Steepening Blip