“Realtor Group” Warns?? Are you Kidding Me?

If you hurry, you may just be able to eek eke [thank you Mr. ‘Eagle Eye’ Turner!] out a mortgage for the fine abode shown above! Mortgage rates fall to lowest level since 2016 — this could be the ‘last affordable’ spring home-buying season for a while, Realtor group warns If this broad cacophony were not so funny I’d actually have contempt for it. You’ve … Continue reading “Realtor Group” Warns?? Are you Kidding Me?

NFTRH; Copy of Email Response About Deflation & the Gold Sector

Hi folks, I just responded to a subscriber who questioned what effect a deflationary episode, if that is what the China/Virus situation instigates, would have on the gold sector. Understand that I simply answered his question as posed. I am not making an assumption that the Coronavirus crisis will prove deflationary. It could well be the opposite, depending on how well our Central Banker friends … Continue reading NFTRH; Copy of Email Response About Deflation & the Gold Sector

So Who’s Pumping GWPH?

Who’s pumping GW Pharmaceuticals? Anyone? Don’t know, don’t care. It’s another 13.5% tacked on to a previous profitable seasonal bottom feed trade. It’s a market that is re-developing its high risk profile and profit taking is part of risk management. I’ve already sold two newsletter pumps in the last week and I can’t find a publicly available reason for this. So… thank you sir. That … Continue reading So Who’s Pumping GWPH?