Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey see… himself take a small (now booked) loss on XLNX that had once been a very decent profit, Monkey do… sell CIEN for a very nice profit. Simple. Monkey also evaluate the oh so predictable post-engulfing rebound in the sentiment-fueled stock market, making sure to continue taking profits and/or limiting losses before any thoughts of aggressively shorting. Finally, Monkey also hold on to his … Continue reading Monkey See, Monkey Do

Perspective on the Long-Term Gold CoT

Because it’s so important to see this correctly and not pretend we (well, I) know more than we (I) actually do I find it important to look at pictorial representations of history and think about them when I get some quiet time (ha ha ha, like not on Twitter, not reading financial/gold websites and most certainly not watching TeeVee finance and news). So I am … Continue reading Perspective on the Long-Term Gold CoT