Just a Small Hint, But…

A comment harvested from a MarketWatch article. Sorry, I no longer have the article and don’t have time to go looking for it, but it was some dreck about how a survey shows fund managers are getting very bullish on the economy and the markets now that the risks (ha ha ha) from the trade war are in the past.

So it’s just a little inkling, but it is exactly what I’ve been hoping for on a larger scale in order to close out the 2018 Christmas Eve massacre that is still fresh in the memory of this guy, at least. Maybe when he comes off the sidelines and buys in January we can top out.

Secondarily, all this Fed Repo crap is noise and has been noise since it erupted earlier in the fall. Zero Hedge and the usual suspects can scare us to death with stuff like that, but the Fed and its agents always manage to stitch this Frankenstein’s monster together with the net result BULLISH!!!

…until it no longer is. Like maybe after ole’ Bubba Doom here buys.

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