Wax On, With an Interesting Twist [w/ edit]

[edit] Well, apparently the stock market’s desire to fill the short-term gaps outweighs the pre-market hype. So the good news is that the current portfolio balance remains in effect. Should’a known.

Well, last I looked the futures were red. I went and did some other work and came back to find out that the wax was put back on by China, the media and by association, Trump.

Stock-market futures pop into positive territory after WSJ says China planning for tariff delay

This is fine because I am not short even one single thing but am long a lot of things in line with the current NFTRH view of a high risk stock market in an opposite posture from one year ago. i.e. manic bullish (with Treasury yields under control but bouncing) vs. manic bearish (with Treasury yields impulsively pushing the upper limits of the Continuum, ha ha ha).

Never missing an opportunity to look at this beautiful picture…


The interesting twist to this morning’s news is that gold and silver did not pancake on the news; at least not yet. Quite the contrary.

Frankly, in holding gold and silver mining positions as a balance to stock market positions this makes me glad about the implications for today but makes me a little bit sad about the implications for my balanced portfolio, which may go out of balance. But let’s weight things toward glad because adjustments can always be made and I’d love to see the stock market top out in the coming weeks without a final indignity in the precious metals. But… week to week with a flexible mindset will be best, at least for me.

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