Twitter and The Wonders of Balance

I am taking a brutal hit in this stock today and yet the portfolios continue to float around near the highs of August-September. That includes a pretty hard pullback in the gold/silver stocks. In keeping with tradition, this is the website that does not try to hide or soft-shoe its screw ups while amplifying its good calls (like ROKU, since sold for a nice profit). … Continue reading Twitter and The Wonders of Balance

Updated Inflation/Reflation Pictures

A look at a few of the macro indicators to what is ahead regarding the inflation/deflation (or damn her, Goldilocks)* view… The Continuum (30yr bond yield, monthly chart) still resides above 2.2% resistance. It’s still in-month October, but so far it has clung to its constructive state after the yield washouts of August and September. Amazing how 1 year ago all you could hear was … Continue reading Updated Inflation/Reflation Pictures

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Tax Loss Selling Season For a Once Hot Sector

A different sort of NFTRH+ update. Let’s take a look at a few bombed out charts from the Pot sector in light of tax loss selling season that is getting in gear now, and a would-be ‘January effect’. These stocks have delivered big losses and to a degree may be bought back after the tax loss washouts. This is not so much TA as it … Continue reading NFTRH+; Tax Loss Selling Season For a Once Hot Sector