Inflation in the Offing?

Let’s take a look at some indicators that can come together to let us know when the next inflationary bout is in the offing. The spread between 10yr and 2yr yields (the most commonly watched yield spread/curve) is still steepening on the short-term. Live chart available here. What’s more, it is doing this against a short-term bounce in yields (my TBT positions appreciate that) and … Continue reading Inflation in the Offing?

Drive to 5 Still Alive

This news cycle is particularly annoying as the markets go through daily cheer or gloom as the media calls the play-by-play for enthralled casino patrons in sync with the Trade War headlines (with a side of Trump impeachment headlines). It’s not about the bullish prospects of the leading Semi sector or the bearish omens of the manufacturing sector in recession. No, it’s the headlines and … Continue reading Drive to 5 Still Alive