We Still Rok U

I bought the gap fill a few weeks ago, exercised a minimal amount of patience and sooner rather than later, over valued TeeVee company ROKU appears to be getting with the program (get it?). Support and resistance are well defined. Probably the only way I’d try for the upper gap is if I become a US stock market bubble head as instigated by some sort … Continue reading We Still Rok U


NFTRH; Extensive Update on Gold Stocks/PM Sector

Gold and silver were updated in a public post yesterday. There has not been much change since then. Let’s now focus on some sector macro fundamentals, leading indicators and the HUI index. The indicator I consider most important is still fine and constructive. Followed closely by gold vs. global equities. Even if gold were to fail vs. stock markets short-term and drop to the 200 … Continue reading NFTRH; Extensive Update on Gold Stocks/PM Sector

The Coming Great Inflation – Steve Saville

See Steve Saville’s The Coming Great Inflation You should read the whole article, as Steve has studied von Mises and Austrian theory and applies his own well thought out observations to clearly point out why things seem so confusing in the modern monetary regime, but maybe are not so confusing. The relationship between an increase in the money supply and its economic effects is complicated … Continue reading The Coming Great Inflation – Steve Saville