Happy 4th of July

I hear some crap about how Trump is going to drive Tanks through Washington? Some idiotic thing like that? What, now we are one of those regimes that parades its might around in the streets for the people to behold? Where did he learn this, from his pal in North Korea? Happy Independence day to all, in memory of those who sacrificed for it originally … Continue reading Happy 4th of July

3 Metallic Amigos: Au, Ag & Cu (7.3.19)

When last we left the 3 Metallic Amigos… I can’t remember the detailed individual statuses and am too busy to go read the post. They were something like borderline hysterical gold, attractive silver and bouncing (but not yet bullish) copper. So here’s today’s update on these Amigos. Gold is testing the high today after not even pulling a 38% Fib retrace. A real bull market … Continue reading 3 Metallic Amigos: Au, Ag & Cu (7.3.19)