Silver Hangs in There After Trump-Xi Punch Bowl Re-fill

So the all too predictable macro punch bowl rally is on. Here’s a snip from the  Wrap Up summary from NFTRH 558

Gold is getting hammered (that’s a good thing, folks, for all but the gnat-like attention span crowd) and silver… why, silver is just hanging around.


That makes good sense because, this…

silver/gold ratio

Also from NFTRH 558 with respect to the chart above…

As for silver, it is still lagging. Amazingly, the Silver/Gold ratio is back to the depths it hit during the deflationary Armageddon ’08 episode. If you believe that central banks are agents of inflation then you also believe that silver is very under valued vs. gold.

Commodity bulls are getting giddy this morning as copper spikes and oil gets the Russia/OPEC supply cut bid. Friday’s bearish engulfing candle on the CRB index may or may not mean something. But one thing is for sure; when silver turns up for real in relation to gold we will be on a big time trade and it will not be like any of the trades since 2011.

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