Copper Boinks the SMA 200

Today copper hit the daily chart’s SMA 200, which was to be its next stop after failing support at 2.85. Dat’s now short-term resistance. Longer-term resistance has of course been the thick ceiling at 3 bucks. Until that is surpassed we do not go global macro cyclical, at least with an inflationary bias. It’s not rocket science. It’s Doctor Copper’s medicine or quackery. Subscribe to … Continue reading Copper Boinks the SMA 200

A Look at Precious Metals Seasonal Patterns

Based on 30 years of data gold was fairly normal to its seasonal average until dropping to disconnect from it in April. From Sentimentrader… I don’t mind that in the least because it makes sense given gold’s big bid in the fear-stoked Q4 2018 and disconnect from companions like CNH/USD. You know, we can rant and rave about manipulation and evil incarnate in markets but … Continue reading A Look at Precious Metals Seasonal Patterns