“One Group Will Be Spectacularly Wrong”

The title was coined by none other than the Macro Tourist, Kevin Muir in another of his fine posts. One Group Will be Spectacularly Wrong In the post he outlines why those of us raising the RISK profile on the markets based on sentiment (my hand is raised) may be wrong in using Dumb Money – which per this Sentimentrader graphic (by way of NFTRH … Continue reading “One Group Will Be Spectacularly Wrong”

1 Post, 4 Metals

It’s a metallic 4’fer beginning with the economic metals (futures). Copper for cyclicality and gold for relative counter-cyclicality. Copper is fading to support again. Sure, it can fade to 2.70 while not breaking down, but the preferred support for copper (and global macro) bulls is right here. It’s below the SMA 50 and above the SMA 200. Gold is having second thoughts at least about … Continue reading 1 Post, 4 Metals