A Metals 3’fer; Gold, Silver and Copper

Here is a chart from yesterday morning’s NFTRH subscriber update showing the breakdown from a short-term topping pattern and the relevant support areas at the SMA 200, 1240 and 1215. I have been and remain short GLD with the sounds of the February bullhorns still ringing in my head. Silver (also from yesterday’s subscriber update) is the one I anticipate buying first (actually, Platinum already … Continue reading A Metals 3’fer; Gold, Silver and Copper

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Turning Japanese (again)

The “again” in the title refers to the previous false start on the big picture Japan situation. People can argue all they want about why Japan is not fundamentally bullish, but NFTRH+ does charts and so… Nikkei has broken above the daily SMA 200. Okay, no great shakes here because so many other global markets have done the same. But the weekly chart shows Nikkei … Continue reading NFTRH+; Turning Japanese (again)

Unhealthy Care

Whether the Services component… The Insurance component… The Pharmaceuticals component… Or now even the former market leader, the Medical Device component… …the US Healthcare sector has not been the place to be as it sports varying shades of bearish to concerning. Healthcare is relatively defensive with even some counter-cyclical characteristics, and so NFTRH has tracked its under performance during the stock market rally out of … Continue reading Unhealthy Care