The Global Macro Trade Continues Into Q2

My first global investment destination of the current phase was China per a post earlier today. Positions were taken in Q4 2018 as the two massive trade warriors duked it out but the China Large Caps ETF held its long-term series of higher highs and higher lows, along with long-term lateral support. China seemed like a contrarian no-brainer, but it was only the first of … Continue reading The Global Macro Trade Continues Into Q2

Payrolls +196k, A Goldilocks Report

The headline says it all (tap for the MarketWatch story)… Full report here at BLS… And here is the graphical breakdown. The last few NFTRH reports have included the word “Goldilocks” a fair amount of times. The signaling in the March Payrolls data, with booming Education & Health services, Professional & Business services, Leisure & Hospitality services and negative Manufacturing is… obnoxiously enough, the Goldilocks … Continue reading Payrolls +196k, A Goldilocks Report

Checking Back in on Palladium and Platinum

When last we left these metals we noted a popping bubble in Palladium and a prospective bottoming situation in Platinum here and here. From that second post on Pt… As Palladium crashed Platinum began a massive bull market. Hmm. Here is Pd turning back down from a reactive bounce to the SMA 50. Here is Pt breaking through resistance. So I again give you my … Continue reading Checking Back in on Palladium and Platinum