Take Your Free 1 Month Trial to NFTRH

A gentleman just inquired about a trial of the NFTRH service and it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to offer one again, generally.

You read me here on the website talking about this and that, tying some themes together but leaving all too many themes incomplete or unexposed publicly. You should never be looking to a free entity as anything even close to the comprehensive work needed to successfully manage these markets.

Hence, I offer you a 1 month free trial to NFTRH with no obligation whatsoever. Think about it; 1 small regular Dunkin Donuts coffee per day or for even less cost the full NFTRH service per day, including a 50+ page weekly report, dynamic in-week updates and now a Trade Log/In-Day Notes combo that I am really starting to get comfortable with. The blog within a blog, if you will for notes not rising to the level of formal updates.

I realize some readers are fully capable of going it on their own. I also realize some of you are momo-driven speed freaks (just kidding… sort of) looking to day trade the hell out of the market. But some of you are people like me, seeking to manage the market effectively and profitably over the cycles. I don’t nail every piece of the analysis, but as long time subscribers can attest (a multitude of unsolicited testimonials here), we are on the right themes far more often than not and even then, we adjust quickly and without excuses. That is because ego, bias and dogma are not part of this particular service.

Anyway, check it out if you’d like. I think you should like.