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I just wanted to let you know that I’ve more formally altered the Trade Log & In-Day Notes (3rd item down under the NFTRH Premium menu above, using weekly password) to include two distinct aspects. One will be an informal log of trading transactions, colored blue as usual for each trading day. The other will be associated notes (if applicable) during the day, colored green. It’s the more dynamic blog within a blog feature. 

10.30.18: GDX did not hold yesterday’s positive standing and GDXJ has dipped below the SMA 50. GDX may only be looking to fill the 18.50 gap, but ref. last weekend’s work I am not happy with the sector yet, technically, even if it continues to improve fundamentally. I’ll favor cash until the time is right.///Stock market has exhibited a sorry habit of gapping up and giving back. Yesterday’s reversal was a spirit crusher. Today the market is up a bit in pre. Let’s see how it evolves. Some indexes have only just lost their 200 day averages, and could be in the midst of a climactic drop before a relief rally gets here. But the market tries again this morning, and one of these days a rally will manifest. I will be in and out today so don’t assume I am glued to the market all day. I won’t be. 

It occurs to me a that I can give a heads up when content is added by making a Tweet with a hashtag #NFTRHnotes. Sort of a real time notice of added content for anyone interested. Insert here the disclaimer that I think most people probably should not be so interested in what one person is reporting about volatile markets, in-day. Because if we are doing our work the right way on the weekends and in traditional updates, we should be fine.

I am not going to Tweet alerts about my trades because that puts an undue aura of importance on what one faulty casino patron is doing. But the notes will be updated if/as I think warranted and tweeted out. This way we don’t clutter up inboxes or website update posts with content that does not rise to that level of importance.

But if you want, you can follow @BiiwiiNFTRH and look for the hashtag #NFTRHnotes.